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Webmasters - How to earn money from the traffic of the website. Earn money with the visitors to your website ? Get a monthly income with this new internet marketing strategy known as affiliate programs. Our complete information on affiliate programs for webmasters to be able to guide you to make your website is a source of income for your work
How to earn money with your website - The visits to your site, can be a monthly income with this internet marketing strategy known as affiliate programs or ad programs. Information on affiliate programs for webmasters. Guide you to make your website referal programs.
How much you win? Depending on the visits to your site. There are different types of payments received by visitors who see advertising on your site, click on the banner advertiser who purchase later in another affiliate site.
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Affiliates What is is an affiliate program? internet marketing commissions when visitors clicks on advertising on your site. How do Affiliates marketing works? The website owner get payed when a visitor clicks on a banner in your pages.
Commission - How-to win commisions in internet? Receives a commission or percentage per every sale if someone visits your site , click on the advertising and buy something.
Advertizing Advertizing Network like Google Adsense / Google Adwords
Clicks - By clicks - You pay for each click which makes your visit.
Impressions By Impressions - You pay a certain amount of times an advertisement is displayed on your website, although it is quite difficult to achieve because you have several hundreds of thousands of hits daily.
Lead - A lead is a predefined action in the contract that the visitor must click on the advertising on the site, eg a visitor clicks on advertising and recorded, marks the LEAD and your earn money.
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